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To provide construction services of superior quality, meeting the needs of landscapes and communities responsibly.

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Stonez is a construction services enterprise that is driven by passion and excellence. Our efforts are directed to know the modern needs of changing times and urban living - to provide a holistic approach to deliver quality construction management of projects.


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We offer services as a general contractor, construction management company and also we provide design services for commercial and domestic clients throughout the country. We can build any type of construction projects, large and small, including Schools, Metal Buildings, Banks, Churches, and just about anything that you can think of. We possess experience in a variety of industries, and we are prepared to take on any new challenge.
When you are considering a new construction or renovation project, we recommend contacting Stonez as soon as possible during the initial design stages of your project. The earlier that we get involved in your construction project, the better. We can control variables like costs and the desired time frame of your project. During an initial planning meeting with us, we will discuss lender options and collaborate with our architects to formulate a design that best fit your needs and budget.
At Stonez we can handle any size construction or renovation project. Whether you need a company for simple projects or for large institutional construction project ranging in the millions, we will bring the same top notch quality and craftsmanship that we provide in each project we complete. To see more about our construction company’s record of providing superior customer service and outstanding customer satisfaction, view our testimonials page.
Yes. We have highly qualified Architects & Engineers. This allows us to provide innovative designs based on each individual project needs.
Yes, we undertake projects throughout India.

What Our Client's Say

I love my beautiful home. Thanks to Stonez. I have a less space of land where I was very confused how will I plan my house. But things changed when I got a referral to Stonez through my friend. First i spoke to Rajesh and explained my requirements. His positive reply and unique approach towards my requirement made me very happy and gave me a huge relief where at last my dream of building my own house accomplished in the most beautiful way possible. I would suggest everyone at least to have a consultation with the young team of Stonez. Thank you.

Elango Johnson


When I was hunting in the web for the best constructors in the town, I came up with this name called Stonez, which made me interested to contact them by their name. When I reached out to them, it made me much more interesting with their plans and ideologies. They finished my project in six months as they promised. I am thankful to them for the work. Most importantly I love their young and dynamic team.



I am very grateful to Rajesh and his team because I am a religious person and I wanted my house to be built according to the religious beliefs but our land had some challenges to be constructed in that way. Honestly speaking, they took time, planned exactly how I wanted and satisfied us with their construction. Now, we are a happy living family in our dream house.

Ram Pratap

Software Engineer

When I speak of Stonez, I will always appreciate their quality, usage of space, planning and execution. I personally feel, they are trustworthy because they complete the project in the budget pledged to us initially and keep up their span of time. I like their humble nature and responsibility towards their work.



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